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Complete Guide on How to troubleshoot Hisense Smart Tv and common fixes

Are you interested in learning more about Hisense Smart Tv Troubleshooting? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Hisense is a Chinese TV brand that focuses on affordable TVs. If you’re looking for an affordable HDR or 4K TV, Hisense is the ideal option since it provides better hardware and technology at a lower price point than the majority of TV manufacturers.

However, being a budget brand, some may question whether the low price implies that the televisions are prone to malfunction.

Not quite, Hisense makes some of the best Smart TVs available, but like other Smart TVs, Hisense TVs have issues that need extensive troubleshooting to resolve.

Some of the most common issues you may face on your Hisense TV include audio, visual, connectivity, or even a blank screen.

Knowing how to troubleshoot your Hisense TV may save you time and money on unnecessary repairs. While the methods may not work for all Hisense TV models, here is a troubleshooting and how-to guide you may use to attempt to fix certain problems with your Hisense TV.

Hisense Smart TVs Troubleshooting Guide

Below is a list of the most frequently encountered problems with Hisense televisions, and how to resolve them.

Hisense TV shows pictures with no sound

If your Tv is showing pictures but lacks sound there are two probable solutions:

  • Check and verify that the volume is not set to zero.
  • Check and verify that the Mute mode is turned ON.

Once you’ve identified the cause, fix it appropriately. If this does not work, perform a power cycle on your Television.

Hisense Smart TV won’t turn on

Your Hisense Tv won’t turn on? Apparently, you’re not the only one experiencing problems with your Hisense TV not powering on. The good news is that a simple fix can restore your Hisense TV’s functionality.
Here is how to fix your Hisense TV that won’t switch on and get it operating again.

  • Check the power supply of your TV: Ascertain that the powerpoint is functioning properly. If it’s damaged, you should replace it or ask a qualified technician for help.
  • The next step is checking your TV’s power cable to ensure it is connected properly and if it is not just connect it and test your TV.
  • Check to see whether the button beneath your Hisense TV is turned ON or OFF. Most Hisense TVs have a tiny power button underneath them. Make sure this is “ON.” If not, simply turn it “ON”.
  • Test all connections made to your Hisense Tv: Check all the cables and all the devices you’ve connected to your Hisense Tv. A single faulty connection can trigger an event that may prevent the Tv from powering on.
  • Troubleshoot by trying with a different HDMI cable: If your Hisense TV still won’t turn on Try another HDMI cable. A damaged HDMI cable can prevent your tv from powering on.
  • Reset your Tv: Disconnect the television from the power source or wall outlet. Wait approximately 60 seconds. Reconnect it after 60 seconds.
  • Factory reset your Hisense TV: If the problem recurs, you should consider resetting your Hisense TV to its factory default settings by following the steps below; procedure; Navigate to Settings> choose System> Select Advanced System Settings> then Factory Data Reset.

Hisense tv screen flickering problem

Does your Hisense Smart TV screen keep flickering? Screen flickering is one of the most prevalent Hisense tv screen problems and can occur as a result of electronic or signal interference, Damaged or faulty cables connected to the Tv, or even incorrect Tv settings.

Here is how to troubleshoot Hisense tv screen problems

  • If your Hisense TV is flickering, switch it OFF for about 60 seconds and then back ON.
  • Check if there is anything nearby interfering with your TV signal. Appliances, electric equipment, cell phones, and even cooling fans are possibilities. See if moving them away from the TV solves the problem.
  • Check if there is anything nearby interfering with your TV signal. Appliances, electric equipment, cell phones, and even cooling fans are possibilities. See if moving them away from the TV solves the problem.
  • To minimize interference, you should consider connecting the TV to a different power socket.
  • Another step you may take to solve the problem is to switch off the TV’s Energy Saving mode. Here’s how to switch it off: Navigate to Setings> Pictures> Picture Mode option>A drop-down menu with seven choices will appear. Try changing the display mode using the UP/DOWN arrow buttons to see if it resolves the flickering issue.
  • If the flickering issue persists, you may consider a hard reset of your Television.
Hisense Smart Tv Troubleshooting Guide and how to fix common problems

Hisense TV keeps disconnecting from wifi

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Hisense TV flashing red light

Hisense TV keeps freezing

Hisense TV netflix not working

Hisense TV keeps turning on/Off by itself

hisense tV out of sync

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hisense tV remote not working

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